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Hello, Fashionistas!

Another shop to love…

Yes! You read it right, two shop to love for today!

 Did you know about Overruns?

Overruns are clothes that are factory rejected it means they didn’t pass for exportation but still good quality products. They are much cheaper than branded clothes! What’s great about them is that they have the same quality with the Forever21, Zara, Gap, and Terranova clothes you get from Mall or sometimes from abroad. Overruns clothes are not usually available in the mall.

Luckily, I found out The Overruns Store, an online store who sells such clothes and ships them directly to your homes. 


What a great deal The Overruns Store is giving Free Shipping Nationwide for every purchase of 3 dresses. Buy now!

Don’t forget to check out their entire collection at their Facebook page click here.

They can be contacted athrough text by sending a message to 09178022249.

Happy Shopping!



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